Mini-ECG Applicatie UMC

As part of a group project for my software development studies, we were tasked with creating a solution for the UMC hospital in Utrecht, who served as our client. This project aimed to leverage the latest technologies to address a specific need within the healthcare sector—enhancing the way patients and healthcare providers monitor and analyze heart health.

What did we built?

Our team developed an application using Flutter and Dart, designed to revolutionize how users monitor their heart health. This app seamlessly connects with a specialized ECG device, allowing users to easily perform heart rate measurements from the comfort of their own homes, and instantly view the results within their personal profile.

By combining Flutter’s dynamic UI capabilities with Dart’s powerful performance, we’ve created a user-friendly platform that not only simplifies heart health monitoring but also empowers users with the ability to track and analyze their ECG data over time. This innovative approach to personal health technology puts vital health information directly in the hands of users, offering both convenience and reliability.

The project was a success and is now used by UMC Utrecht for ongoing research and development, highlighting its potential to innovate heart health monitoring and patient care.